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Vintage Factory Coffee Table


Iron and Wood Couch table is a first-rate example of industrial furniture design! An artful blending of metal and reclaimed wood…
Mill and Foundry


Blending a rustic design with a touch of industrial appeal, the Mill & Foundry Vintage Factory Coffee Table from Napa East adds an urban farmhouse to your home. An artful blending of metal and reclaimed wood, this industrial design coffee table will be the centerpiece of any room. Sturdy metal wheels allow easy movement of the table and add just the right element of hard steel against the warmth of the textured reclaimed wood table top and lower shelf.

The extra-large table top provides abundant space for entertaining or simply propping your feet up. The lower shelf is fashioned of reclaimed wood planks framed in a hand worked steel frame. The shelf provides ample storage space for books, magazines, and collectible items.

Table Top: 48″ x 32″
Height: 20″ Tall.

Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.